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Welcome to our New Shopping Mall it features products from a social networking site called THE RAINBOW CAFE So far we have two wonderful stores open and hope that in the not too distant future more of our very talented members will open their stores So put your feet up and be astounded by the wonderful wares for sale from our GYPSY CARAVAN. My store Rainbow's End Studios sells a unique range of fabrics, completely hand produced by myself. Owning a piece of Rainbow's End fabrics means you own an individual work of art I free screen with single motif screens No meterage or production run screens are used Each motif is lovingly laid in by hand one at a time I use a screen as a painter would use a brush The back ground effects are produced with a technique I have been developing over the last 10 years or so come and browse you may find that special look you need for that special project

When purchasing an item from Beaute Beads Congo store you will need to also purchase your postage option; The correct option for your location and weight of your purchased product. The weight details are included in the description of each product. You must purchase the appropriate option in order for your purchase to be processed. These options are listed as products and can be purchased the same way you purchase a jewellery item.

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